• Instructors

  • Chief Instructor - Master Dawn Martin

    7th Degree Black Belt

    Dawn Martin is a 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor. She began her training in Nashville, TN in 1991 under the instruction of Grand Master Robert Hardin (Founder of the CTF). Mrs. Martin has been teaching for approximately 26 years. First assisting GM Hardin at his after-care programs, then going to different schools to assist other instructors. Mrs. Martins' belief is that instructors can assist in helping people get the most out of life. Her accomplishments include: USTF National Champion 1993, Competitor of the Year 1993, Certified Assistant Instructor in 1994, CTF National Champion 2001, Bachelors in Exercise Science 2002, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2002, Certified Massage Therapist 2003, Small Club of the Year 2004, CTF National Champion 2005, (1st Child ) Lance Martin 2005, Opened Hernando Taekwondo 2006, Chief Judge of the Year 2006, CTF Special Service Award 2007, Master Level Referee 2009, (2nd Child) Lexi Martin 2009, Instructor of the Year 2013, TAGB Women's Executive Light Weight World Champion 2016, CTF School of the Year 2017, and Instructor of the Year 2018.

  • Assistant Instructor Dalton Smith

    4th Degree Black Belt

    Under construction.

  • Assistant Instructor Randy Laws

    3rd Degree Black Belt