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      CTF Regional Tournament

      Staging Times

      March 17, 2018


      All 15 & Up Black Belts 8:30 AM

      & Other Officials

      16-17 Black Belts 9:15 AM

      Little Dragons 9:15 AM

      7 & Under – All Belts 9:15 AM

      Black Belt Board Breaking 9:15 AM

      8-9 Years – All Belts 10:15 AM

      10-11 Years – All Belts 11:45 AM

      12-13 Years – All Belts 12:45 PM

      14-15 Years – All Belts 1:45 PM

      16-17 Years – Colored Belts 2:00 PM

      Adult Colored Belts 2:30 PM

      Adult Black Belts may be called to compete at any time.

      Please note:

      These are not “Start” times, however, all competitors must present themselves at the staging location when called. Competitors will not be called any earlier than the time indicated above, however, they may not be called for 30-45 minutes after the staging time if divisions are backed up.

      Typically, the competitors may be in staging up to an hour and then they will be assigned to a ring.

      Except for the first round of competition, there will be at least one division already in the ring when they are assigned to that ring so they will not compete until the prior division has finished.


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